Founded in 1987, COMTOP was formed to service both the manufacturing and computer industry. Now, COMTOP Connectivity Solutions Inc. is a leading manufacturer company that specializes in computer cable assembly and electronics wires and cables.

To supply market demands through these years, we always maintains high volume of standard product inventory for our distribution channels. Our engineers are always ready to provide best possible solution to assist our OEM Customer.

Our Mission

It is the mission of COMTOP Connectivity Solutions Inc. to provide our customer a high quality computer cabling and connectivity solution at the most competitive price with the shortest possible lead-time. We are able to accomplish this goal by continue our effort for tuning our manufacturing processing in order to increase our productitvity.

We also updating our MRP process regulary for better logistic support and and improving our quality control processes. In addition, we utilize numbers of shipping companies to meet customers' needs and to provide most efficient shipping available. The most important matter, is that we will always continue to improve our R&D and customer service department in order to provide the best possible solution to the customer demands.

Quality Assurance

At COMTOP, a great quality control process is always the major factor that has made us a success in this industry, therefore the quality of our products and services are our number one priority. Our ISO 9001-2000 certified factories applied most through and effective quality assurances process to every item we manufactured.

We start from inspection and frequent spot test for all our in-bound raw materials. Afterwards, we create several check points with an accordance to the characteristic of each item in every manufacturing process to minimize our defective rate. We also apply post production testing for further enhance our product quality assurance.

COMTOP is a multinational ISO 9001-2000 registered manufacturer that has factories and sales branches in several countries to meet our customer demand.
Headquarter: The Headquarter is located in Taiwan.
  we employ about 50 staffs to handle administration, procurement, R&D, logistic support and sales functions for the company
Factories: COMTOP has four factories in three different locations to service our customer
  China Factory: Cable Assembly
    China Factory is our main factory that employed over 900 employee. All high volume, scheduled and standard order will be produce by this company. The maximum capacity of this factory may reach 2,000,000 per month.
    Electronics Wire and Cable
    The main function of this factory is to produce raw wires and cable for COMTOP, other than the cable that is produced at the assembly factories. The factory produces variety but not limited to these following type of cables:
  • HDMI, DVI, Audio/Video Cables and Adaptors
  • USB, 1394a, 1394b Cables & Adaptor
  • AC/DC Power Cable
  • Networking Cable
  Taiwan Factory: This factory is specialized in low but high precision order.
  New product test run, samples making and special order will be the main focus on this factory
  US Location: We have a simple but highly skill assembly line in our US branch.
    For the US bound, low-volume, non-molding and expedite order, the US branch's assembly line will provide a quick turn-around solution for emergency situation.

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